Welcome To The Adirondack Surgical Group
Facial Fillers and Injectables:
New to our office is the SkinCeuticals products, laser treatments and the popular fillers Botox® & Juvederm®.

All are non surgical and can help you feel and look years younger in a quick office visit.
Welcome To The Adirondack Surgical Group
We now offer the advanced treatment PROVENGE to certain male patients with advanced prostate cancer. Ask your doctor if PROVENGE is right for you. READ MORE »
Surgical Specialist: Dr. Irwin Lieb
Welcome To The Adirondack Surgial Group
Bariatric Surgery:
Your struggling with your weight, no matter what you do you can't shed a pound. Obesity is a disease and bariatrics could help. Schedule an appointment today.
Surgical Specialist: Dr. Michael Hill
Welcome To The Adirondack Surgical Group
Acid Reflux And G.E.R.D
Millions of people have acid reflux and suffer from the pain of heartburn every day. Are you one of those people? Why suffer any longer. We now perform and offer breakthrough technology with the LINX® system from Torax®. READ MORE »
Welcome To The Adirondack Surgical Group
Tattoo Removal:
You’ve changed your mind. Your job won’t allow tattoos. Regardless of your reasons why you're no longer happy with your tattoo(s), laser tattoo removal is fast and now performed conveniently here, in our Saranac Lake office. READ MORE »
About The Adirondack Surgical Group:
In association with the Adirondack Medical Center The Adirondack Surgical Group is a select team of skilled surgeons and staff ready to serve your medical needs. We have been servicing our area and beyond since 1937 when surgical care was needed by patients with tuberculosis who relocated to the Adirondacks for "the cure".

Today we are a multi-specialty group offering a wide spectrum of services such as: general surgery, endoscopy, thoracic surgery, urology, bariatric surgery, cancer screening, Botox and Juvederm fillers, Tattoo Removal, Lapariscopic surgery (weightloss surgery) lap-band, treatment of Acid Reflux or G.E.R.D., Vasectomy’s and Vasovasostomy proceedures Skinceutical products and evaluation... READ MORE »

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